a change in the location of my further posts.

from now on all my posts in every topic will be on the blog old.rip ..the reason for it is to avoid the third party ads which are annoingly merged into my posts on the free blogs i have mostly used so far.

the https://old.rip is my only paid blog and theoretically there should be no third party ads included by the service provider. no third party ads is planned to be included by me so far.

if by a mistake, from the old habit, i will post some articles on the free blogs then i will remove them and re-post on the OLD.RIP blog, thus the only blog of mine to follow now is that one.

on the old blogs may further on appear some news about old.rip blog (reposts from it), like modifications to subscription options, donation options, and other technical information, with the reminder about where to find new articles, just in case someone will happen to visit the old blogs.

the old blogs are..






on the old.rip blog, from time to time, there may appear some references to and reposts from the old blogs for the continuity of reading, linked to the articles on the old blogs which will still have some annoing third party ads merged into the articles. all the new posts should have none of the annoyance by third parties.



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