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the recent article ‘what if. the universe.‘ was written in one go, and after publishing the article initially, i have added an important point the following day:

– rewriting the program of life doesn’t necessarily mean physical intervention to the body — as it’s all a program then rewriting life could be done using the mind;


technically i could keep rewriting and editing the original article, but i prefer to make further additions in separate articles. then one day i may publish a complete version of my thoughts on this subject in a new article, not to confuse the followers with numerous updates.

i have also considered recording some longer and deeper thoughts on the subject of the universe, in audio and/or video. it would clarify the subject better. that project is a question of finding the time and a quiet location for the recording, as always.

in any case, below are some more thoughts (making some quick notes while on a train, on other times i’ve got too many things to take care of) which i could add to the original article when i’ll rewrite it one day:

– there’s no reason why the universe couldn’t exist forever in our mind, while the simulation of the universe, for the creators of the simulation, may be run on a limited and even very short time. the same about the size of the universe — it may seem infinite to us while for the creators it’s definitely of a limited size. the possible proof: for example the photons of light, from their own perspective, don’t need to travel anywhere — the time doesn’t exist for photons and they’re everywhere at the same time. only to us the photons of light seem to travel some distance, which is just an imagination.

– the simulation of life as we know it is an incredibly complex process. only in our recent history of science we are beginning to understand how complex the living organisms are. the more we learn the farther away the complete understanding slips away, as if the program of life was simple enough before and is being constantly updated not only on macro level, but also on microscopic level, on the level of micro-programs which permit more complex macroscopic life programs to function. it appears like the life as such is the only way of finding some answers that the creators of the simulation of the universe may need to get from us, thus the program of life is evolving on purpose. if that wasn’t the case then the life as such would have been eliminated from the simulation of the universe. the life isn’t an accident or a by-product of the universe, it is the means to fulfill the purpose of the universe — to get intelligent answers. apparently life is the most effective way of finding out something what the creators of the universe need to know, thus the life and intelligence will be kept indefinitely, or recreated if it fails. it makes total sense the creation of several types of intelligence in universe, to see which of them work the best for the creators.. and it means that less effective forms of intelligence will be eliminated when no longer needed. in that sense, being intellectually lazy is a sure way to be no longer needed for the creators of the simulation of the universe we live in, whether you like it or not.



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