what if. the universe.

considering that there’s an extremely high probability of our universe being a simulation [listen to the story ‘about god‘], here are some conclusions we can come to from such perspective:

– there must be a purpose in our universe, in the simulation;

– the purpose could be to get some answers which the creators of the simulation aren’t able to get by other means;

– possibly we are way faster in thinking and acting than the creators of the simulation, similarly like our own computers and AI tools are for us;

– the simulation of the universe is created such a way that the knowledge generated by it would be possible to recover by the creators and to verify the truth of it. therefore, any sub-programs creating fake science, spreading false knowledge, obstructing the spread of true science, or in any other way are obstacles for the development of true knowledge, will be dealt with by the creators accordingly;

– most likely we are limited in ways we can understand the creators of the simulation, not having their body and senses, but more capable in other ways which the creators can’t understand, like our way of thinking and coming to some answers by intuition;

– we must not only seek answers from the universe, we must also give answers to the universe, and by that to our creators, or we would be useless programs wasting energy;

– the nature with its hardships to live in, and its fragility, is created such for keeping us on the edge, for constantly seeking better solutions and better answers to difficult questions, to get to the truth that not even the creators of our universe can comprehend without our input;

– the programs in the simulated universe — the living organisms including humans — which are giving answers, or are successfully working towards getting the answers, will be reused — reincarnated into other life, while simply self-interested beings will be erased and never brought back to life;

– effective organisms that support the work of the most talented seekers and researchers, be it with food, safety, energy, tools and/or other conveniences, may also be reincarnated — relaunched after some improvement;

– the violence and constant competition could be the result of ongoing training of the simulation of the universe for improving its functionality;

– some destructive elements in human society could be the cleaning programs to eliminate unnecessary dead-end sub-programs which are not producing the desired result for the creators of the universe;

– the destructive elements could also be temporary and destroyed themselves by the creators of the simulation of the universe, after their mission is accomplished;

– the destructive elements could also be programs with errors in them, which will be eliminated after discovering the errors;

– the ‘after-death’ experiences are not necessarily true — those could be errors in program, but entirely possible if the previously discarded programs (dead organisms) are reactivated either by an error or on purpose;

– communication with the reactivated programs should be no different from regular communication — no need for special abilities to talk to “the dead”, and no special abilities of “the dead” should be observed;

– we could become immortal for as long as the simulation of our universe exists, by rewriting our program of life, or by making some necessary changes to the program of life;

– rewriting the program of life doesn’t necessarily mean physical intervention to the body — as it’s all a program then rewriting life could be done using the mind;


possible proofs of being in a simulation:

– all ‘living’ programs are more similar than different on deep level, with ongoing modifications to the programs of life, improving the results;

– capacity to imagine;

– sleep;

– placebo effect;

– the fact that our ‘physical’ skills are greatly improved by simply thinking of them, by imagining the physical activities;

– we need energy to function;

– the brain needs way more energy than the rest of the body;

– certain discoveries in physics and mathematics which would require separate articles/videos to explain them in detail.



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