in recent months i have noticed something about the universe, and confirmed it in many occasions over and over again, that i wished to be true for almost whole my life but it seemed to be impossible till very recently. now when i know it’s possible, it’s exciting, relieving from worries, and a bit scary at the same time. not sure what’s the reason behind being a bit scared, but it may be the realization that most likely i’m not the only one knowing it. the intentions of others, who have discovered it, could be not the best, and it keeps some worries in the back of my mind. overall, i feel delighted to know something that makes the life so much more interesting than it has been so far.. more things to discover and to test out. i’m not even sure now should i make all of my research public or it will be better for everyone if i keep most of the discoveries coming from the research to myself, encoded in a secret writing. i could as well not to write down anything at all, but being an imperfect biological being, the memory of mind isn’t the best source to look back at the past results of the research. some data must be fixed in a reliable carrier to refer back to. __


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