the mind over weather research – a temporary modified test soon over.

for a month i didn’t look up any weather results on the four test locations while continuing the ongoing test. the point was/is to see (in a later date with the historic data) if it makes any difference, with no immediate feedback.

obviously one month isn’t long enough to see the difference if there’s any — for a statistical comparison there must be a year or few worth of data to see any impact or lack thereof. thus, from time to time i’ll repeat the procedure — for a scientifically valid comparison once there’s enough data collected for the modified method of mental influence of the weather.

there cannot be too many modifications to the research because each modification will require several more years of data for any valid comparison. but overall the modified tests are necessary at least for a short attempt, to discover big and clear differences, to improve the overall effect of mind over weather.

perhaps next week i will end my temporary ignorance about the effectiveness of the modified mental influence (with no immediate feedback) and will verify the results of the past several weeks.



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