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about facebook, twitter and other social media:

the sharing links below each post are impossible to remove, to add or to change for other links — the blog is hosted by wordpress with fixed and somewhat limited editing options of the blog. years ago there existed options to remove/add different social media sharing buttons, not anymore — in the system settings the related modification options are removed.. at least i was’t able to find the options to change these settings anymore using my android devices while i’ve been using android for the last eight years and previously there were no issues.

if i could i would add all possible social media sharing buttons or none at all, without giving preference to those two forcibly added under each article/post.

during years i have tested several social media platforms — tens of them — under the YouthExtension name. by now i have abandoned almost all of them for various reasons, only from time to time looking if there’s something new or some interesting updates to the old ones.

for the website/blog there is no linked social media platforms planned, no time for it — got a life to live. some of you may understand, if not yet then in a few years you will.



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