the mind over weather experiment.

current locations for the mind over weather experiment: Paris, France and Las Vegas, USA.

two new locations beginning from tomorrow (decided and prepared in mind today): Atacama Desert, Chile and Aoulef, Algeria.

the day of the mind over weather experiment is every wednesday wherever there is wednesday on earth. the results are published usually two-three days later while other days in the published weather charts are for comparison.


Paris and Las Vegas ..

the intent is to have mostly sunny day every wednesday. the intent — more sun or more rain — will be switched twice a year in certain date for those locations of the experiment. the dates for the switch of the intent haven’t been chosen yet. i will notify when it’s done — for now the intent is only for sunny days on wednesdays.


Atacama and Aoulef ..

the intent is to have mostly rainy day every wednesday, or at least some amount of rain on every wednesday as those locations rarely see any rain at all. those are some of the driest locations on earth.



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