my science research of mind over weather and mind over matter in general isn’t the only reason to donate, there are books which i published years ago for free online and those are available as before. i recommend the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

[ download or read online, 42.97 MB ]

.. that’s perhaps my most practical book — everyone can benefit from the original writing method and modify it for specific needs.

the access to all my free books ..

there has been some confusion about the amount that automatically shows up on the donation page. please note that this is a prebuilt payment option by the service provider STRIPE, so i squeezed out of it the most i could. to improve the options for various and freely chosen amounts to donate i must modify the code which is possible on the service provider’s website but difficult to handle with a smartphone or a small tablet which i have right now — will improve the online donation asap.

so far, for technical reasons, there are three different “items” for donation..

SMALL DONATION: x1 = € 10.-

LARGE DONATION: x1 = € 1’000.-

SAGE DONATION: x1 = € 100’000.-

.. thus please don’t be surprised that by default the 3 “items” are set by the service provider x1 each, total of € 101’010.00 .. you can change it. the quantity for each donation sum can be set from 0 to 99 — on a large screen the quantities are clearly visible on the left column, on smartphones and small tablets the quantities are accessible under the picture by the link “3 items” or from the top right by the link “details”.

therefore, the minimum donation sum possible is € 10.- and maximum € 9’999’990.-, or the related sum in another currency. at this very moment only EURO payments are accepted but more currencies should become available soon — i need to confirm with my banking services which currencies are accepted and what will i need to do for accepting foreign currencies.

please note that i launched the online donation option a bit in a hurry for the end of the year which may be convenient for some companies to reduce their declared profit margins to pay less taxes perhaps, depending on a country. little by little i’ll be improving the donation options while doing it all by myself. there has been planned a prize winning option to donors for an additional motivation but that will be launched next year if no legal obstacles discovered.

for the above mentioned prize winning option launch and for general development of the entire science research project i’m looking for a manager — will decide next year so you can still apply. details are on my science blog — also linked by the donation site — in the article “the projects that never got started, and a new idea that may get a start as a project“. the OLD.RIP abbreviation means “Operational Lifeline Donations for the Research In Progress”.

when making a donation the email is not requested by me but by the service provider, probably to match with the card details through the bank to ensure that the card isn’t stolen — i do will see the email on the payments page. for any questions about it please contact as i can’t change it.

i don’t need the emails nor any details of donors, i’ll be glad and thankful just to get a financial support, but if you wish to let me know about your support or have any questions then please feel free to contact me yourself by my “donation science blog” email or by phone..



below is the link to make a donation for my science research:

you can also scan the QR code for the link, in case you wish to make the donation with another device. the article with the QR code of the donation link ..

thank you for your interest in my research and/or in my books, and thank you for your support!

with best regards, Alex A. O. Kobold


donate for the science research
and books by Alex A. O. Kobold



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